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    What is OXAMA:

    Oxama is a diving computer specifically designed for freediving.

    Why is it different?

    Unlike classic wrist computers, Oxama communicates both biometric nd environmental parameters by a voice assistant during the dive.


    Thanks to its innovative technology covered by an international patent, Oxama is ready to start the revolution the world of freediving.


    OXAMA tracks your performances

    During freediving, OXAMA mesures all the fundamental parameters for the freediver: oxygen saturation, heart rate, depth, duration, orientation in space.


    OXAMA speaks to you

    You don’t need to read any display, OXAMA informs you of the measured parameters. You decide for each profile the type, the frequency and the moment in which you can listen to the values of the measured parameters.


    OXAMA surprises you

    OXAMA is the future! It replaces the classic wrist computer. Maximize yous freediving experience by allowing you to have greater awarness of your performance.

    OXAMA for the beginner

    A virtual coach always with you! OXAMA accompanies you during freediving providing you with the confidence that only your coach can give you!

    OXAMA for the spearfisher

    Do not look away from your fish, keep the maximum focus on your goal: you don’t need to look at the wrist computer, you can hear all the information you need while remaining focused on the fish. And when you come out of the water, you have recovery time assessment based on your actual physical conditions.

    OXAMA for the freediver

    With OXAMA you can improve performances because you are awared of your physical conditions. You can consult all the freediving parameters and analyze graphs, statistics and correlations. Through data control you can improve the performance!

    Why OXAMA?

    Because OXAMA changes the freediving world. Its technological heart makes you take a leap into the future. OXAMA will give you a greater awarness of your phisical conditions by a super diving experience.

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    If you are interested in buying OXAMA register here, we will contact you to let you know how to purchase it.